The Association “Saint Jean-Marie Vianney Lausanne” was set up under articles 60 and foll. of the Swiss Civil code, on a non-profit-making basis. It is tax exempt in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland. Its aim is to support the ministry of Mgr Peter Bürcher.

Mgr Peter Bürcher does not receive in his new diocese the financial support which he would have in this country.

In Iceland it is the bishop who must look after the necessities of his priests, of the monks and the nuns, as well as his parishes. The bishop, the priests and the religious orders do not receive any salary.

The donations to the Association Saint Jean-Marie Vianney Lausanne are to aid and support Mgr Peter Bürcher in his ministry at the service of the Catholic population in Reykjavik and in all of Iceland.

Our association publishes Reykjavic News twice a year on Mgr Peter Bürcher’s mission as Bishop of Reykjavik in his diocese of Iceland.